Case Study
Climb Back

Project Elements

WordPress / Graphic Design / E-Commerce / Business Consulting / Web Hosting

Climb Back (CBI) is a website to promote the work of Alan Hobson, a cancer survivor and Mt. Everest Summiteer who now works with corporate businesses to inspire them to greater heights. Alan is an accomplished writer and the CBI website doubles as an ecommerce platform to sell his books. Through Alan’s passion for writing the CBI website had an enormous amount of content outlining Alan’s achievements and the work he has performed for Fortune 500 companies.

CBI approached Aurora Web in 2017 to create a refreshed website look with a complete design overhaul. Climb Back noted that they had received comments that their site was difficult to navigate for users and were concerned that they were not conveying key messages to visitors. When Aurora Web first looked at the CBI website they noted many pages were duplicates and the sitemap included a significant amount of dead links. All in all, the CBI website had over 38 pages with 7 duplicate pages containing similar or exact copies of text.

After consulting with Alan and performing a thorough deep dive through the existing site, several key areas of improvement were identified:

  • Reduce the number of pages to simplify the site’s key message
  • Re design the page to be eye catching and professional
  • Fix the e-commerce functionality to be more accessible for users

Graphic Design of Front Page

Focus the message

Unfortunately, in the current information age, visitors tend to not have the patience to read large volumes of text and tend to be attracted to summarised headings and easy to read paragraphs. Working with Alan, Aurora Web began the process of simplifying the content on the site and summarising it into digestible amounts for users.

Aurora Web compressed the content from 38 pages to just 7 for the new website, keeping only the most impressionable information for viewers therefore maximising its impact.

Eye catching design

For the design overhaul, Aurora Web utilised a Canadian design firm with experience creating professional website designs. After working through several revisions with the client, the final design that was settled upon utilised a corporate colour scheme of blue and grey, accented by red to draw the eye to key areas on the page. This design was chosen to appeal to the target audience of CBI – large multinational corporate companies that demand professionalism.

Functional E-Commerce

Alan has written 4 books that outline his struggles and triumphs combatting cancer twice and his ascents of Mt. Everest. These books embody the inspiration of Alan’s presentations and empower the reader to reach greater heights. These books are available for sale on the CBI website, however on the original site the functionality was broken and difficult to navigate. This affected Alan’s book sales and was a definite point of frustration for Alan and the Climb Back team.

The new site created by Aurora Web, built the framework of the site up with E-Commerce firmly in mind. This means that each element of the checkout process (Cart, Payment Gateways etc.) is positioned logically and intuitively for a visitor to seamlessly purchase the books.