Case Study
Oceanic Supply

Project Elements

Ruby on Rails / Graphic Design / Custom Web App / Web Hosting / Logo Design

Oceanic Supply (OS) is a procurement specialist company that focuses on the Oil and Gas Industry, working with an impressive client base that includes the largest contractors in the business. OS fits within a gap between large businesses that are looking to do business with niche manufacturers. OS allows the purchase of one off products from these manufacturers without requiring the large companies to set up a procurement contract with each of these businesses.
As in most industries – paper work is king, this means that for every product or service that OS supplied to their clients, a significant amount of paperwork had to follow. This paperwork included certificates of testing, maintenance reports, inspection summaries, etc. Typically, this paperwork was delivered manually (printed and supplied with the equipment) or via email to the client contact. However, this often lead to problems of the physical copies being misplaced or emails being lost/deleted.
OS approached Aurora Web to investigate a way to build a custom online database for them to store and distribute the certificates to the client that would reduce waste and make it easier for the client to access when required.

OS Custom Home Page

Custom Web Application

Aurora Web tackled this solution by utilising a software language and framework called Ruby on Rails. Essentially building the web application from scratch means that the final program is tailored to suit the specific business needs of the client.
The solution designed for OS included a separated client access area that only allowed clients to view their specific documentation and a dedicated admin area.

The client area of the portal included the following features:

  • A login portal for each client to access their documentation
  • PDF downloadable files that could be accessed from anywhere in the world
  • Separated documentation by project or purchase order number


The admin area allowed the admin to:

  • Add and remove clients
  • Manage existing clients
  • Add and remove documentation to each client

Oceanic Supply Current Clients Screenshot

Web Hosting on Cutting Edge Servers

At the end of the design of this custom web application, Aurora Web then moved to launch the application utilising the power of Amazon Web Services. The choice to use Amazon meant that the site would harness the impressive server capacity and security that is employed by Amazon to maximise the uptime of site.
Website hosted on Amazon servers are also incredibly fast and in recent benchmarks were over 70% faster than a similar site hosted on Crazy Domains. This means that the clients who are often operating in remote areas, can access the information they need when they need it.